Jul 19

San Francisco Wedding by Tinywater Photography -

Katrina + Mike had us at hello with their San Francisco bash. It’s eclectic mixes of modern and whimsical with photographs by Tinywater Photography bringing it all to life. The mossy florals by Asiel Design set against the marble backdrop of The Bently Reserve is like no other combination and one that is strikingly beautiful with a big side of freaking awesome. That awesome continues in the full gallery. See it here. Less Than 3 Productions also caught the day on film and it’s one of those numbers that turns a perfect stranger into a teared up blubbering mess over the complete and total sweetness of these two love birds. But fear not, we’re the total strangers crying like babies so we completely don’t judge if you want to join us… From the Bride… Mike and I met during undergrad one night at a LA club, hosted by an Asian party promoter. Because Mike and I were both atypical Asians with super growth hormones (I’m 5’9” and Mike is 6’4”), we immediately noticed each over the bobbing heads of our fellow peers. We instantly connected, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Despite our vertical genes, we are polar opposites. I’m creative, emotional, bubbly, easy-going and impulsive, while he’s intellectual, practical, rational, quiet and stern. Mike likes to call me the Ying to his Yang — somehow it just works! We’ve endured a lot throughout the eight years we’ve been together and have shuffled around to multiple cities. We moved to LA so Mike could attend medical school, then he moved to Michigan for his residency, and I followed a year later to get my MBA. Upon our graduations, we moved to Chicago to start full-time jobs. A year and a half later, we finally returned back to our hometown, San Francisco. We wanted our wedding to be whimsical, fun, organic and, most importantly, unique. We were lucky enough to have an all-star team to execute it beautifully! The floral design was something that I was particularly passionate about. I chose Asiel Design as my florist because I felt like we had a similar style sense. I hand-sketched all of my ideas, and they did an amazing job bringing them to life. For the ceremony, it consisted of tulips dangling from a bed of moss and strings of hanging glass globes filled with candles. My vision was for it to seem like the world was flipped upside down and we were floating in the sky with the earth above us. For the overall wedding design, I wanted it to feel like a garden was sprouting from everywhere. We had no vases, but rather scattered moss with wooden branches, stumps and various flowers popping out of them. The whimsical, organic design was a great contrast against the cool marble and strong architectural seriousness of the Bently Reserve — very ying and yang, just like us! It was important for us to have personal touches that expressed who we are. A lot of our elements were handmade, including all the paper products, favor boxes, escort card display, table names, etc… We chose handcrafted Asian paper and gold touches to represent our heritage. We also gave away Taiwanese pineapple cakes as our favors. We are HUGE foodies and wanted to infuse aspects of that as well. Not only did we work closely with our caterer to produce a very yummy menu, but instead of numbers we used our favorite culinary herbs for our table names. Our florist also incorporated mushrooms, cabbages, artichokes and herbs into some of the centerpieces. We also wanted to add bits of lightheartedness and fun to the formality of the event. So we asked my cousin Andy, an eccentric goth and talented artist, to marry us. He dressed in a dramatic period outfit that consisted of a long coat, puffy sleeves and a ruffled collar. He then surprised our guests by reenacting the ceremony from the movie, The Princess Bride. The silliness definitely helped prevent us from crying — and I’m a huge crier! It was definitely a night to remember! Wedding Photography: Tinywater Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bently Reserve in San Francisco, California / Event Coordination: Patty Lee of 8 Events / Floral Design: Asiel Design / Wedding Cinematography: Less Than 3 Productions / Catering: Thomas John Events / Wedding Cake: Sunset Bakery (415-759-6538) / DJ: Eric Yee of Spintronix Entertainment / Rentals: Hartmann Studios / Lighting: Enhanced Lighting / Wedding Dress: Blue by Enzoani / Reception Dress: Justin Alexander / Hair + Makeup: Maria Chang of Professional Makeup Artistry

Jun 26

Tea Linked To Prostate Cancer In Men -

Tea Linked To Prostate Cancer In Men (via redOrbit ) Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com On any given day, some person in the world will be drinking tea. Tea plays an important role in modern culture. For example, visit restaurants and cafes, and you’ll see families and friends chatting and sipping tea. Even with tea’s omnipresence, a new study reveals…

Jun 24

Celebrity Hair Styles -

Ever turn on the television and become instantly infatuated with the latest celebrity hair style sported by Jennifer Aniston or other highly-emulated celebrities? If so, you are not alone. In fact, most fashion trends actually begin after a celebrity has worn them and the same is true when it comes to celebrity hair styles. Just think of Ashton Kutcher and how many men now wear his tousled celebrity hair style. How about Kate Winslet and all of her manifestations? The truth is that styling your tresses similar to a celebrity hair style is hot. But should you always turn to celebrities to find your latest style, and how can you mirror the celebrity hair style when celebrities have a staff of professionals catering to their every hair whim? There are good reasons on both sides of the equation when it comes to choosing a celebrity hair style. For some, a celebrity hair style can be the perfect answer when they find themselves in a style slump. For others, choosing a celebrity hair style can be a big mistake. Here are just a few of the pros and cons when it comes to celebrity hair styles. Why you should copy1.Celebrities have access to some of the most talented and highest paid beauty professionals in the industry. While you may not be able to afford a consult with one of these style legends yourself, you have the perfect opportunity to see and emulate their work with a celebrity hair style. 2.For the most part, celebrities are on the cutting edge of fashion. When you choose a celebrity hair style, you do not have to worry about looking dated or being out of style. 3.C’mon let’s face it. We look up to celebrities because they always look fashionable and beautiful. If you are looking for a celebrity hair style to pull your look together, then there is no better place to look than to the stars. Why not to copy 1.Celebrities are seen by virtually everybody, and when a new celebrity hair style causes a sensation, you can be sure that everyone will be trying to emulate it. So, while you may be thinking that you are going to look sensational with your new celebrity hair style, you may end up looking like a copy cat. 2.Celebrities do not have to choose easy styles because they have hair stylists and make-up artists solely dedicated to making them look beautiful. On the other hand, you probably do not. So, be careful not to choose a celebrity hair style that will have you pulling out your hair when you have to spend hours keeping it up. 3.Stylists to the stars choose particular celebrity hair styles for their clients because they are perfect for their face shape and type and texture of hair. Not everybody can pull off every style. Be careful not to choose a celebrity hair style that makes you look ridiculous. While there are pros and cons to everything, choosing a celebrity hair style should be something that you give some thought to before making a final decision. Not everyone is worth millions, but you can look like you are if you choose your celebrity hair styles wisely.

Jun 23

Beauty Supply Stores: Is It Better to Shop Locally or Online? -

When it comes to buying beauty products and beauty supplies, you will find that you have a number of different options. For starters, beauty products are most commonly sold at beauty supply stores, but they are also available at other locations, including department stores and fashion stores. If you are looking for the latest selection of beauty products and supplies, you may want to think about sticking with beauty supply stores. Even then though you still have a choice. Beauty supply stores are operated both in storefront retail locations, as well as online.If this is your first time deciding to take your appearance, beauty wise, seriously, you may have never shopped at a beauty supply store before or it may have been a while since the last time that you did. If that is the case, you may be wondering whether you should shop online or locally and if there is even a difference between the two. If you are, you will want to continue reading on. One of the most commonly asked questions, concerning beauty supply stores, is what is the difference between a locally operated beauty supply store and an online beauty supply store. As you likely already know, a locally owned and operated beauty store is one that you physically visit, pick out what you like, pay for it, and then leave. When shopping at an online store, you just need to enter in your shipping information and your payment information. You can buy beauty products and supplies from an online beauty store anytime of the day, from the comfort of your own home.Another difference between a storefront beauty supply store and an online beauty supply store is the assistance that you will receive. That is one of the reasons why many consumers prefer buying their beauty supplies and products from locally owned and operated beauty supply stores. When shopping online, the online retailer in question may have a customer service number that you can call, but you will likely not be able to receive help with buying makeup or suggestions. Help and suggestions, also commonly known as consultations, are one of the many reasons why many prefer shopping at a locally owned and operated beauty supply store, as most have very helpful and knowledgeable staff members.The product selection is also something that you may want to think about taking into consideration. While many storefront beauty supply stores do carry a large selection of beauty product and supplies, you may find that some stores are limited on space. There are also stores that focus only on certain individuals, like men or women. This limits your selection of beauty supplies and products to choose from. What is nice about online beauty supply stores is that they do not have to worry about fitting all of their merchandise onto a sales floor. That is why you can often find a large selection of beauty supplies and products when shopping online. Also, you will find that you are instantly able to gain access to as many as fifty or more beauty supply stores in a matter of seconds. This is something that you cannot do just driving around town in your car.As you can see, there are a few differences between online beauty supply stores and locally owned and operated beauty supply stores. There are also a number of pros and cons to each. For the best shopping experience, you may actually want to think about experimenting with both locally owned and operated beauty supply stores and online beauty supply stores. If you are like many shoppers, you will likely develop a preference almost right away.

Jun 21

Aloe Vera Plant: Beneficial For Your Skin Problems -

Many may not be familiar with the benefits and importance of Aloe Vera even though it has been around for a very long time. They are desert lilies and belong to the same family. It grows wild in Madagascar and in parts of Africa. As it so useful and beneficial you can find it world over, packed and sealed. There are more than 300 varieties of Aloe Vera plant with many different medicinal benefits.With very high water content nearly 96% it has been leisurely used by the people to recover from their skin problems. It has so many good properties that it would be very hard to even count them. It has a very good healing capacity and is mainly used for burns, blisters, insect bites and other allergic skin reactions. It provides you with one of the most natural ways of healing. You can term this plant as a beauty product due to the miracles it does on your skin, which is one of the most visible parts of your whole body. It is mainly used to shrink warts which are very common. The other painful problems like shingles also tend to heal due to Aloe Vera.It has become a growing business for people who have come to understand its benefits. You can have it in juice form too which is good for other problems you are suffering from. Aloe Vera helps you from some of the most common diseases like insomnia, heartburn, congestion, arthritis, asthma and also lowers your sugar level.It is widely used as a moisturizer and anti-ageing cream. The gel has some of the most important properties which moisturizes your skin and makes it soft. If you suffer from second degree burns Aloe Veras natural gel is what you should apply for a speedy recovery. Sun burn or sun tan has turned out to be one of the major problems for people due global warming and other climatic changes. Aloe Vera has been widely used to protect you from such problems. It can also be used as an ointment for your backache or other pains you suffer from. To avoid dark circles under your eyes you can use this gel every night before sleeping to have less tired and more beautiful eyes. It also helps with any skin irritation caused due to infection or bacteria. It can also be used for minor wounds. It helps in reducing swelling and relieving pain. The plant gel has been known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to help you from most of your problems. As the gel enters your skin very easily it becomes one of the biggest sources of anti-ageing products.

Jun 18

Queens Diamond Jubilee -

Queens Diamond Jubilee “Brilliant”: An Exhibition of Diamonds and Design Curated by Carol Woolton Featuring Bochic (via PR Newswire ) NEW YORK, June 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Masterpiece London is a specially curated diamond exhibition in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee . Entitled “Brilliant,” the exhibition is the first of its kind to be undertaken by the fair, and will offer a visually arresting experience curated by Carol…

May 07

Eavesdropping on plants: Jack Schultz


Plants collaborate, compete, and even communicate with each other. At TEDxMU, Dr. Jack Schultz breaks down a few of these plant behaviors and shows how we can decipher their chemical codes to improve everything from pesticide use to the way we pick our fruit.

Each week, we choose four of our favorite talks, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Browse all TEDxTalks here »

RockMelt Engineering Blog: Welcome to the RockMelt Engineering Blog -


Welcome to the first ever RockMelt Engineering blog post! We’re excited to get started, and we have a lot of stuff to talk about. We’ll use this blog to share technical challenges and solutions we think are interesting, talk about technology we’re using and our contributions back to the open…

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The Chimerist: The Design Museum Collection -


When it comes to integrating images, text and video in inventive ways, some of the most promising new tablet apps have been produced by museums. It’s a logical fit: Museums are about both information and looking at things. People absorb their exhibits by wandering around, in a self-directed…

TeeVee: Learn from my mistakes: Why abusive TV relationships suck -


Sometimes I wish I could forget that this pilot was kind of great.

My name is Serenity, and I have a problem.

I’m shackled to shows past their expiration date, even though I know they’ve gone sour and everything in my brain is screaming to stop the madness. Heck, even when I spend most of…